Want to get a great exercise stretch bands workout? Read our manual (included with every set)

We here at Bodylastics International Inc. truly believe that our product is the best. However, our product will not be of any use to, you, our customer unless you know how to use it correctly. That is why every set of our exercise stretch bands comes with our detailed 30 page user manual. Nothing is left to chance. We show you each exercise from start to finish: exercise set up, starting position, movement, points to remember and pictures that demonstrate the proper form. All of the exercises in our manual follow proper biomechanics (the natural movement of the body). What does that mean to you? It means that the exercises that we recommend will feel right, and will target the intended muscle. It is our mission to insure that you get a great exercise band workout.

Here is an actual page taken from the Bodylastics exercise stretch
bands user manual:

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